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So, it's been ages since I've gotten anything substantial done in metal.  After class I went back to work full time, and the shop I had access to isn't open good hours for me now.  I need to get a better anvil, get a forge, and get a couple more tools so I can get back into moving some metal.  

For the forge, I actually have some of the more difficult parts to get.  I have a forge body (14" diameter steel pipe, 14" long) and a stand/cart to put it on, but I need to get burners added to it, and get the "plumbing" done for the propane.  I expect that'll cost me another $250-$300.  

A better anvil is just a matter of finding something used within a reasonable distance from my house.  I have a 135lb anvil now, but it's seen better days.  It's gotta be at least 100 years old.  It's got some serious sway.  

I'm also hoping to pick up a vise or two (one for my workbench, the other to mount on my other stump).  I have a friend that might have a piece of scrap metal around that'll make a lovely dishing swage/tool.  Again, I just need to get off my ass and go over and get it from him.
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December 1, 2010


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